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Fertility Support and Reproductive Health

At Indy Acupuncture, we offer a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment for families with fertility challenges. We understand the far-reaching impact infertility can have on your lives and offer effective treatments to help make your dream of parenthood a reality. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat infertility and many gynecological conditions. Through modern research, this modality has been shown to enhance the physiological mechanisms to support successful conception, pregnancy, and birth. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), we can help. By bringing together ancient methods with knowledge from modern research, we’ve developed integrative protocols that work with your cycles to help improve your outcomes.

Most of our fertility patients have never been to an acupuncturist, so we take the time to make sure all of your questions have been answered and that you are comfortable with the treatment plan. Our approach is simple: we use natural, straightforward treatment protocols to improve your overall health and reproductive function.


When to Schedule
Each patient’s situation is unique, so each treatment plan will be different. At your first visit, a plan will be created to suit your needs and goals. Please feel free to contact us and we will find a time that works with your cycle and schedule. Usually we will begin treatment near the beginning of your cycle. For those using ART, we recommend beginning treatment one month before the cycle is set to begin. However, acupuncture performed only during the cycle is also beneficial.


Female Fertility Benefits
  • Improve ovarian function resulting in higher quality eggs

  • Regulate hormones and the menstrual cycle

  • Improve blood flow to and increase the thickness of the uterine lining

  • Reduce stress

  • Regulate the immune system and decrease inflammation

  • Increase conception and implantation rates

  • Reduce the risk of miscarriage

Common Fertility Related Disorders we treat
  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve

  • Premature Ovarian Failure

  • Advanced Maternal Age

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Poor responders to medication/ART

  • Endometriosis

  • Irregular menstrual cycles

  • Anovulation

  • Luteal Phase Defect

  • Recurrent Miscarriages

  • Poor Egg Quality

  • Thin uterine (endometrial) lining

  • Unexplained Infertility

  • High or elevated FSH


Assisted Reproductive Technology

Acupuncture can be used alongside any type of ART and can be helpful in many ways including:

  • Reduced stress

  • Decrease medication side effects

  • Improve egg quality and quantity

  • Increase the thickness of the endometrial lining

  • Improving IVF pregnancy rates

  • Prevent uterine contractions after IVF embryo transfer


We have seen women during all types of cycles:

  • Medicated or Injectable Cycles

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

  • In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

  • Donor Egg IVF

  • Frozen Embryo IVF 


Prenatal Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be used throughout pregnancy to naturally and safely treat many common symptoms such as:

  • Morning sickness

  • Fatigue

  • Swelling

  • Back pain or other pain

  • Assist with turning a breech baby

  • Labor preparation

  • Stress

  • Postpartum Recovery

  • Lactation Support

  • Heartburn


Male Infertility Benefits
  • Improve the overall quality of sperm

  • Improve motility and morphology

  • Decrease DNA fragmentation


In order for acupuncture to have an effect on sperm quality, treatment must be started 3 months in advance of trying to conceive due to the life cycle of sperm.

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